Sekapur sirih

Singga is a multidiciplinary design studio specializing in a concise design for brands and spaces providing a comprehensive service from start to finish.

For Singga, design is a way of communicating stories with a good behavior as a desired result after the implementation of design. Considering how the human mind works—physical representation and visual depiction can evoke various kind of emotion, whether it is good or bad. Driving people to do something exceptional.

Singga believe that through spatial and visual design intervention, we can bring a great behavior to the people within the space.

One project at a time.

Spatial Visual

Visual and spatial representation creates a mental images inside the human mind for the first step of reasoning despite their difference in content and anatomical structure (Sima, et al., 2013). Both information can be used as an external impulse to construct a good perception for the designed spaces. Our main goals is to combine the two in order to achieve a more extensive result.

We aware of how visual and spatial representation interact and relate to each other.

Studio Singga